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ToDAy is thE lAst

Today is the last 今天是最后一个 Today is the last 今天是最后一个

应该是your,意思是今天是你们班级的最后一天 满意请采纳,谢谢



如果你是男的,上你喜欢的女人。如果她不反抗,就告诉她你快死了,嘱咐她把孩子生下来。 如果你是女的,告诉你喜欢男人你要死了,希望他能上你一回。

We haven't shipped out all the quantities last time. The remaining amount has been sent to you in today's shipment. The blue number is the...

Dear friends,today is the last day I been working here with you.Tomorrow my resignation will put up by HR.Mr.** will rearrage every work which I ...

您好,很高兴为您回答问题~ Today is the first time, is also the last time, I never cry for whom, 祝您学习进步~若觉得满意~请记得采纳~∩_...

Today is the last day I work for Huawei(不知道公司有没有英文名称). Thank you all for your company and help in this year. I will miss ...



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